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How To Stretch Inner Labia

Brief Reviews Februar/II/2011

The Oscars are awarded and I've have not seen it live, fortunately as it seems. The presenters were boring that ceremonies had instigated over and the children's choir was awful ... I have heard. Especially as the ceremonies as little surprise hid and absolutely predictable, the prizes were awarded. can To those I say, however, not much, because "The King's Speech" I have not seen do not, however, that he an Oscar in a competition like "True Grit" or " The Social Network has really earned. But a nice stutter like King Colin Firth apparently justifies everything ... Has anyone seen those Kate Winslet episode of Rick Gervais and Stephen Merchant series Tools ? was allowed to take The Natalie Portman their gold Dicks for their fascinating masturbation and lesbian scene with Mila Kunis was already in the hype-run clear and although I still think that they was in "Black Swan" slightly miscast , I can hardly complain about it. Christian Bale I guess as an actor and am therefore be conversant with the Oscar for him, even if I did not "The Fighter" seen what is probably because of the issue (I do not like Boxer-Film) change is difficult. After all, "Toy Story 3" dusted off a prize, I do not begrudge this wonderful animated film from the heart, as well as "Inception" earned its technology Oscars has received. After all, the honor
are worthy of Oscars Francis Ford Coppola , Jean-Luc Godard and Eli Wallach gone ( Kevin Brownlow I do not know, but I do think he will have deserved well ...). Only where is the honorary Oscar for Chuck Norris ? Otherwise, there is nothing further to say than: the Oscars remain a big joke where only intense self-congratulation operated , whereas ignore actual artistic achievements continuously order for marketing of film and actors space to create . This happened again and again so Bohai is made ...

hereby present I in turn the 11 films (excluding series and movies that I do not see myself in a position to evaluate, for example, because I've only seen to fall asleep) that I saw in the month of February since the last list :

The Mummy (1999)
mainstream adventure-fantasy flick , the great fun preparing and submission of not too disrespectful met. Really fun but the actors, led by Brendan Fraser as a friendly go-getter and Arnold Vosloo as charismatic mummy, as well as Rachel Weisz and John Hannah, Kevin J. O'Connor to forget. The effects look even today still good . (7.5 / 10)

Doom (2005)
OK, which is treated rather disrespectfully template, but it changed the whole story. But as sci-fi action trash that just makes a huge fun, they can live as a gamer it. Karl Urban, The Rock and set up the first-person shooter sequence it already. (7.5 / 10 on a B-Action-scale)

master of all (1980)
Jackie Chan classics by conventional pattern and fuss , but also with imaginatively designed struggles , including one of longest kung fu duels in film history. For martial arts fans must. (8 / 10)

Blood and Bone (2009)
Street Fighter movie , in some ways more Western-like . Michael Jai White can profile thanks to his charisma as an actor and good in the Fights shine. The story is negligible, as always but convincing than in many other martial arts movies. (7.5 / 10 on a B-Action-scale)

Class of 1999 (1990)
trashy action movie "Terminator" bonds, which moved roughly in the scenario of the previous and experienced by Mark L. Lester is staged. fun. (6.5 / 10 on a B-Action-scale)

Class of 1984 (1982)
vigilante thriller against school-based setting in a gloomy atmosphere . Crude black and white painting right, but effective if staged calculating. Less socially critical than exploitative. (6 / 10)

Forgiveness (Part 1) (2009)
This is the film series then clearly political and dialogue driven, accordingly r, nevertheless always presents gripping. (7 / 10)

Wallander: Faceless Killers (2010)
Kenneth Branagh remains a hevorragender Wallander , the film in turn very depressed and down pulling that pace Gemählich and yet it remains exciting until the end. (7 / 10)

Wallander: The man who smiled (2010)
In this part is more the psyche of Wallander focused , the tempo accordingly and case, something made behind . This makes the whole equally depressed in his mood. Nevertheless somehow amusing as its predecessor. (6.5 / 10)

Forgiveness (Part 2) (2009)
The grand finale seems a bit less by the JHA focus, however, leads to a round end, in all the story threads satisfactorily brought to an end . But the "final end" has attached something. (6.5 / 10)

you Drunken (1978)
aka "Drunken Master" . very feeble in terms of story and in the first third of also little tiring in the fighting . If Jackie Chan but only once the Drunken Boxing unpacks it can entertain sumptuously with a lot of acrobatics in the fighting. (6.5 / 10)

11 to 7.0 (76.5)


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