Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Big 10 Wrestling Singlet

Without level, with a lot Oh-ho!

flu binds me to the bed, but I will be here in time with without level still going on: a Best of the spoof-Porn Parodies ! Why? Well, because everybody knows is nothing funnier than a porn with a story. Stupid, mediocre, but funny - and lively! probably will I hereby release all readers, even if I AFFIRM have most of them I do not and the rest never seen in full length enjoyed. Really! And I wanted with my girlfriend "Pirates" (see below) complete surveys - their idea! .

(the following should Trailer be safe for work)

The most famous porn spoof is probably "Pirates" (including Sequel ...). is, for some obscure reason I Evan Stone (guaranteed all know, the "South Park" know:-P) total smypathisch Yes, for whatever reason ...

From "Big Lebowski" Porn Spoof (!!!) I know just the trailer, which is incredibly stupid with me and always a fat grin provoked that I sometimes with the mind game, the time to actually lead me to mind ... I have also seen again Evan Stone ?

Batman XXX " could not escape me as" Batman "fan and of course, is one of the spoof, which I've even seen some . By the way: Evan Stone again!

"The Simpons" gibbet, too - with Evan Stone.

Fascinating, is not it? Gibbet way for "The Flintstones" or "Twilight" . "Avatar" we should not forget. And yet countless more , currently and future.


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